Here at the Yarloop Timber Workshops we appreciate any kind of help, be it volunteer work or monetary donations. Yarloop Workshops Inc. is a Registered Charity with Deductable Gift Recipient Status so that you may claim a taxation deduction on donations over $2. A receipt of your donation will be forwarded once received.

The Yarloop Workshops welcomes all volunteers, so if you share a keen interest in helping small communities, why not donate your time to us? Our volunteers are a group of enthusiasts wanting to make the workshops the best they can be.

With improved funding we can improve restorations to our buildings and locomotives and provide more facilities to make a weekend down in Yarloop a thoroughly enjoyable retreat for the whole family. Should you like to make a donation please print this page, select the donation amount and forward your cheque to the address provided. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

You can also bequeath money to us in your will, for details about this please contact us.

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$20 $50 $100
$200 $500 Other: $

Please make cheques payable to: Yarloop Workshops

And send to: P.O. Box 267, Harvey WA 6220 Western Australia

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Address: Tel:

We look forward to seeing you in Yarloop!